Propane Fire Pits

This is a critical question that pops up every time we try to search for propane fire pits. With the pandemic hitting us out of nowhere and unleashing its wrath all over the world, people have been restricted to their backyards, spending time with their loved ones. Many people have planned on purchasing propane fire pits to enjoy a good dinner or lunch during the autumn and winter seasons. 

However, quite many people have apprehensions about how safe are propane fire pits. In recent news, many people have come across accidents being caused by them, especially when you have children around in the house. This concern has been amplified out and significant; thus, we have taken the duty on our shoulders to address your fear.

A simple answer to whether they are safe is that they are safe as long sufficient measures are taken. Fire in its way is a hazardous element and causes major accidents and grievous injuries if not handled properly. Similarly, safety measure has to be put in place while dealing with a propane fire pit. This article will provide you with some safety tips to look into before placing a propane fire pit in your backyard. 

  • The Location

Where you plan to place, your propane fire pit plays a vital role. Obviously, you can’t place it inside, and therefore it can only be established outside your house, probably in your backyard. Always remember that your propane fire pit has to be away from any shrubs or overhanging branches. It is not safe around that. Moreover, as we know, dry grass and wood can easily catch fire; therefore, it should not be placed in a wooded area and should be away from dry grass. 

If any emergency might erupt at any time, ensure that you have a water resource nearby. If you don’t have one, it is best to buy a fire extinguisher and keep it handy. This will provide you with a safety valve from any accident that might take place.

  • Where It Should Be Placed

As much as the location is essential, it is also imperative to ensure that the place where it is placed should be solid and non-inflammable. The surface should not be weak in any way because that increases the tendency of accidents taking place. One good example of a solid surface would be a stone firepit. Since stone is a solid and non-inflammable surface, it will most likely avoid any occurrence of a mishap from taking place. 

  • Flame Sensor

In recent times, most people are installing a flame sensor on the fire table to help avoid any accidents from taking place. This particular feature has its unique quality, which adds a safety valve. With this feature, the fire table can automatically turn off the gas whenever the flames are extinguished. The question arises, that how does it help in preventing an accident? In the case of a not very well ventilated place, this feature prevents the gas from pooling and reduces any chances of an accident taking place in such a poorly ventilated area. 

  • Testing and Examination

Before purchasing any item, we ensure that it does not have any defect or damage, which can potentially cause harm to us later on. Similarly, before purchasing a fire pit, the customer must ensure no leakage or any other defect. Hence, before you make a purchase, ensure that all the gas connections are tested for any leakage. Moreover, it is also essential to ensure that the manufacturer’s specifications concerning safe clearance and operation are followed. This will allow you to enjoy the fire pit without any fear or doubt. 

  • Please do not Leave it Unattended for long

A critical mistake that one should not make is leaving the fire pit unattended. The user must always be near the fire pit to keep a watchful eye. One must not turn their back and leave it. When a fire is set, the user must look out for stray embers. These embers are almost as hot as fire itself and are thus very dangerous. Often, people may leave the premise of the fire or even fall asleep. This is a hazardous activity that can lead to fire hazards. 

  • Putting out the fire

One of the reasons to be watchful is that the user will know when to fire. There are signs and indicators when the fire must be put out. The customer must observe if the fire is decaying. If it is, then you must continue by using a shovel to rummage in the fire pit. This is to move all the ash and discover embers that are still burning underneath. Once all these embers are found, the person must put out the fire. They must do this preferably with a hose in which force can be controlled. You must release water slowly to put out the fire. 

After the fire has been put out, use the shovel or other equipment to scoop all the ash and remains appropriately. You must carefully pack the ash into a metal container which must tightly pack with a lid. This is done so that the remaining ash or coal cannot start a fire. The ash which is left over is often scalding and can start a fire by itself.

  • Only adults must operate. 

It is an essential pointer that people neglect. A fire pit is a tricky piece of equipment that can sometimes be difficult and risky to operate. Thus, only adults with experience must operate it. Also, parents must be alert so that their children and their pets do not come too close to the fire pit. 


Outdoor propane fire pits can be one of the best and fanciest purchases made. No doubt, it comes along with its set of hazards because ultimately it’s fire, but if one follows the above safety measures as laid down, then we can promise you that you indeed have nothing to worry about. It is crucial to keep in mind that since you are dealing with fire, always wear cotton clothes and take all those precautionary measures that you would otherwise have taken around a normal fire.