The Importance of Images Used in Your Rewards Program

The Importance of Images Used in Your Rewards Program

We grasp the world through our eyes. A simple picture can tell us a lot about what is in the photo: colors, texture, size, examples of how to use it and even taste and smell. It’s unbearable to think about buying something without seeing pictures of it. Therefore, promoting your rewards program has to be a business activity carried out with the invaluable support of images.

Nine reasons why using pictures is simply non-negotiable when promoting your rewards program

1. Your customers are expecting them

Whenever a potential or a loyal customer clicks on your web page, his or her brain is automatically programmed to receive images. The text has become a complement of what the image says, not the other way round. One of the reasons for the assumption of seeing images is the easiness implied in taking them and uploading them so as they are spread through the social networks. For example, some Edenred Singapore Pte Ltd’s customers that use the rewards program are American Express, Bridgestone, and Volkswagen Group, and if you have a look at their webs, you’ll find they’re packed with photos everywhere as a way to cater for their customers’ needs when drawing on to a web page to get information about the company.

2. They show how you do it

Pictures give a clear demonstration of the company’s internal processes. For example, you can see how the Bank of China’s staff deals with your accounts through an image that shows them giving you the attention you deserve, either on the counter or by doing all the paperwork needed once you leave. Besides, when you buy something, you want to see if the manufacturing process is reliable and clean enough; bearing this in mind, another customer using the rewards program, Chevron provides pictures about its cutting-edge production plant for their customers to know where the products they buy come from.

3. Pictures speak’ a universal language

No matter if you are trying to sell a German product to Brazilian customers, pictures are more useful than an interpreter or a translator. An image shows what ten sentences struggle, sometimes unsuccessfully, to explain. To reinforce this theory, recent research from MIT has proved that the human brain takes thirteen milliseconds to decode and understand an image. Do you know how much does it need to do the same with a text that tries to explain the same the picture demonstrates? Enough proof of the fact that pictures are a must when using your rewards program is KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Air France Corporate, and Sofitel Luxury Hotels.

4. Emotional communication

With pictures you’ll be able, to show your customers what they’ll feel if they take the decision of joining your rewards program. How is something so intangible possible? Through the emotions implied in peoples’ faces when using the products you sell or when they benefit from the services you offer. It’s priceless observing a child’s face as he or she feels the unique flavor of a Haagen Dazs ice-cream.

5. Pictures call and demand attention

The first step for business success is catching your potential customers’ attention, but it’s known that this isn’t enough to retain your customer. That’s why one of the aims of using your rewards program is to develop the future buyers’ interest, something that pictures can guarantee you. The impact a logo can create is much bigger than what it may seem when you’re developing it since a logo is a bridge between the external image and the real quality of your product or service. B

6. The perfect way to communicate your brand

It’s incredible how the concept of synergy works perfectly well with pictures. When a picture is considered part by part, we’ve got no other thing than colors, pixels, shapes, and typography. Elements which are too technical to transmit a message. However, when put together, they create a concept and such concept is the message your brand will release to the world.

7. Do pictures appeal to the senses

Who hasn’t felt the Caribbean sunrays when seeing a couple sunbathing in the tropics with a pineapple juice in their hands? It’s impossible not to feel the creamy sweetness of milk chocolate melting in your mouth. There’s no doubt that your rewards program needs to transmit sensations in order to make the customer feel willing to buy. This is something Nestlé, Guinness & Company, and McDonald’s Restaurants have incorporated in their campaigns.

8. Pictures make you memorable

What about being 95% more memorable than before? People can remember up to two thousand images even for days after having seen them. Therefore, the use of images is the guarantee that consumers will remember your brand when they want to travel, to indulge themselves with a treat or to buy ultimate technology equipment. Microsoft, Toshiba Corporation, Reader’s Digest Asia and Danone are companies that use the rewards program with intelligent pictures to be retained in their customers’ memories.

9. Pictures make customers feel identified

When you develop your publicity campaign or you choose the pictures that are going to appear on your web page, you’re selecting a part of life your customers are going to feel identified with. For example, a whole family feels at ease because they’re staying at Sofitel Luxury Hotel is addressed to families all around the world who are planning to travel and they’re seeking high-quality accommodation. In this case, these groups of people are definitely going to see themselves in that family represented in the picture.


The rewards program is the best way to broaden your client portfolio and to consolidate your loyal customers. However, if you fail in the quality of your pictures or you don’t identify the target audience you’re addressing your pictures to the results aren’t going to be as good as they are supposed to be.

Pictures speak for themselves, so paying attention to that part of your brand promise is going to make a real difference when it comes to evaluating the results of your sales.